Robert "Bob" McGaw (1879-1958) Bluebill Drake. Original Paint with all rigging. $700

William "Snake" Heverin (1860-1951) Canvasback Drake decoy with replacement head. Later repaint. $200

Unknown Maker from Cecil County, MD Canvasback Hen decoy circa 1920's. Flaking original paint with small "S" brand,  $350

Paul Gibson (1902-1984) Havre de Grace, MD Canvasback Hen decoy. Original paint unsigned.  $165

Lloyd Tyler standing Widgeon drake decoy. Circa 1941. Some paint damage and cracked bill but exactly as pictured in book by Stansbury. Exact decoy from the book "Lloyd Tyler Folk Artist". Stansbury stated this was his first Tyler. $750

Sappington Lee Bowman Havre de Grace, MD (1918-2002) Natural finished decoy.  Decoy is made of hardwood $100



#165 Sam Barnes Canvasback Drake decoy (1847-1926) Great early decoy from the upper bay of Maryland. $250

William Hevrin (1860-1951) Havre de Grace, MD Canvasback Hen decoy. Hens are rare. Neck crack is completely through and the head is held on by a single nail, $400